How to create Animation using Smartphone or Tablet PC & FlipaClip App

We will learn that how to create animation using Smartphone or Tablet PC & FlipaClip App. We will also elaborate two examples on frame by frame animation creation by developing two animations. We will also see how to use tools & various other available options. We will also learn that how to export into mp4 format etc.

First we will learn that how to use various tools & how to create & play the animation. 

Next we will create our first animation project in which we will create frame by frame animation & then we will also learn how to create or build it in mp4 format & then how to run in your Smartphone or Tablet PC. 

Then we will create second animation project. We will create Happy New Year 2017! animation. We will also learn one more way to create animation. Animation is an art & technique & using it we will accomplish one more project.